No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions!

Accounting Series - Reviewing Tax BookletIf you have health problems, do not give up on life insurance. You can qualify for no medical exam life insurance online, and at affordable prices. Finding life insurance for someone who has pre-existing medical problems is now simpler and convenient.

What diseases are accepted?

Many insurance agencies will accept applicants who have a current or past health problem. Some terminal diseases and medical conditions are accepted:

  • Diabetes. Clients who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes can still find life insurance. Some traditional plans will also insure applicants who have diabetes.
  • Heart conditions. A history of heart attacks will no longer disqualify you from finding life insurance. If you had your first heart attack when you were older than 50 years, your chances of finding coverage are high.
  • Obesity. If you suffer from obesity, you can still find affordable life insurance. Weight will increase the costs, but it will not disqualify you from getting coverage.
  • Asthma. Clients who have asthma can find proper coverage from top insurance agencies.
  • Psychological diseases. Clients who are mentally disabled can be insured, as long as another party pays the premiums.

Why no medical exam life insurance?

Why should someone who has health problems choose this policy? No medical exam life insurance plans have a simplified underwriting and application process. This makes it simpler for someone who has a health problem to qualify for coverage.

This type of coverage is temporary. You can buy a policy for a maximum of 20 years. The death benefit cannot be higher than $250,000. Since the application process is greatly simplified, you can purchase this plan online. The prices, though, are higher as you pay for convenience and more importantly, speed! No medical exam life insurance plans have the fastest issuing rates and you will be able to qualify for a policy in less than 24 hours.

If you want to buy life insurance without medical examinations, visit our website, where you can compare the best life insurance quotes.